Lofty Artist Pick: Lido

Hey guys! Before I go on, I'm sure you all have been pretty aware of the lack of loft in your lives lately, and I apologize. We at OhSoLofty are straight cooling after freshman year of college happened (trust me, I think we all needed a mental break). While it seems that we have all been mia lately, we're all truly working really hard to give you guys as much content as we can!

Anyways, I personally thought that I would start to work more intensely on the music page, since I'm always listening and updating my database of music. In this new segment, the Lofty Artist Pick, I will personally hand pick a new artist each month for your guys' earbuds to enjoy, and try to give you the low down on the artist as I go, so here is this month's pick!

 Lido performing with part of SaveMoney

Lido performing with part of SaveMoney

Producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, whatever you want to call him. Norwegian artist Peder Losnegård, who goes by the stage name “Lido” (Formerly “LidoLido”), has undoubtedly made some noise in the electronic music scene recently, both literally and figuratively. Losnegård, having many aliases previously, has had a lot of experience working in the music industry, producing and working for several artists, and even opening for beyoncé at one point (whaaat?).

Around this time last year, Losnegård had started dishing out material left and right. Receiving hype all around the internet for his unique “Good guy hip hop sound”. During that time he had put out an ep of five or so tracks and a ton of remixes, and since then, he has been gifting the world with several remixes. I presume during this time that he had been doing at least a little touring as well.


That’s not all, however. Recently he had put out another ep with fellow dj and producer Canblaster, and has also put in work for a couple of tracks from the Chicago based Social Experiment album entitled Surf that we just did a review on! In the mean time, he has also been credited on a couple projects, most recently (besides Surf ) he had been working with SaveMoney artist Towkio, as well as Chance the Rapper, on Towkio's most recent project .Wav Theory. One of the many songs from the project is given down below.


And if you think it all stops there, think again. Most of the material Losnegård has put out is edm/trap based, and the average person would only assume that would hold him back from branching out to create more diverse music. Well, guess again. Often, his live performances don't consist of the typical stand in front of a couple of cdj's/turntables with a Macbook and make it look as complicated as possible. Rather, his live sets consist of showmanship and the pride he puts into his music with constant improvisation and also playing a completely different show at every concert. Losnegård describes through an interview with music feeds “… I’d never be comfortable with locking myself into a set where I have to press the right buttons. Every show that I’m going to play is going to be so different from the previous one… ” and so, I leave you with this clip of lido performing live.

Stay lofty, folks.

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