Lofty Artist Pick: Ta-Ku

Producer, DJ, Businessman, Photographer, and Australian eccentric Ta-Ku is truly a fantastic artist. Whether he expresses himself in his beat-making, photography, or fashion, it is undeniable that what he brings to the table is derivative, yet completely reborn into something different. Essentially, that's what a good artist is supposed to do, create or explore a craft and brand their own progress with their name and style. That's exactly what I believe this man has done, so that’s why I am making him the Lofty Pick of the month. So let's begin:


Straight out of Perth in the Western region of Australia, Artist Regan Matthews, most commonly known as Ta-Ku ( the meaning comes from a Maori word roughly translated to "me, myself,or I") has created a good amount of conversation on the internet. While I'm not sure on the exact amount of hype this man has received, let me tell you something: I think he deserves every bit of it he gets and a lot more. The music that he creates on a constant basis is only a portion of the talk centered around him and for that alone, he deserves more credit than he's given. Along with other various outlets of expression, Ta-Ku really describes his music career as a hobby and a side project. In an interview with New Zealand based Serum Magazine, he talks about what being a producer is to him. You can click here to listen or read the entire interview:

  ” With my production, I have always kept it in the frame of mind that my work is work, my family’s family and my music is my hobby. When I make music I am critical of it, but not so critical that I beat myself up, over think things or don’t put something out… It’s just music. Like I love music and I don’t ever want to take it too seriously where it becomes a chore.”

Besides his musical career, Ta-Ku Happens to be a full time life insurance salesman, but when he's not working, he keeps up to date on other platforms of expression besides music, and photography happens to be one of them. He regularly posts pictures on his Instagram and manages a side project called create and explore, where he collaborates with other producers and photographers to pair visuals with a beat, resulting in some pretty neat work (video above). When it even comes to the world of Fashion, he has his own footwear collection. And when he’s doing none of those things, he’s a contributing editor to StreetDreams Magazine and has a website called the nosleepproject, where him and artist Repeat Patterns are documenting cities through photography. And these two were just a couple of many other platforms he works on and updates. He talks about his involvement in everything on his YouTube page right here. Oh, yeah and did I forget to mention that Ta-Ku even owns his own barbershop back in Perth?

Okay, so putting that all aside, the music that this man makes is beautiful. When he’s in the production process of his music, he likes to draw heavily from influences like 9th wonder, DJ Premier, and his biggest influence, hip hop/ rap pioneer J Dilla, who remains as one of the most influential figures in the genre(s). In honor of his biggest influence, Ta-Ku even released a 2 part mix tape of tasteful beats and instrumentals that were styled similarly to J Dilla's beat making.

On top of that, he’s been causing a lot of noise among producers for mixes that have been released under Hypetrack, titled Drive Slow, Homie. So far the series has four parts, and every one of them gets better each time you listen to them. Here’s part four for you guys; and YES this material is 100 percent, genuine cruising music, trust me.

He has even released a couple of ep’s. The most interesting concept among all of them being an ep released in 2013 titled Songs To Break Up To, with a follow-up ep released last month titled Songs To Make Up To. Good stuff.

Well guys, that’s all for this month. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the article or this segment, please write a comment down below, because I love to write these and your input means the world to this segment! Thank you guys and remember:

Stay legend. Stay lofty.