Throwback Driving Music (8/7/15)

Hey guys, happy flashback Friday! This week, I decided to take a different approach, but first, let me explain why I made the pick that I did. About 12 hours ago, Dr. Dre dropped his first album in an entire decade. Before this album, before he made beats by Dr. Dre, and before he became a solo artist, a collection of rappers including Dre formed the legendary Compton-based rap group N.W.A would change the course of rhythm and poetry permanently.

Almost 30 years ago, Dr. Dre had met Eric Wright, soon to be known as Easy E, through their label Ruthless Records. Dre happened to be producing a song that was intended for another rap group signed by Ruthless named H.B.O ( Home Boys Only), which contained lyrics written by both Ice Cube and Dre. After H.B.O bailed on Dre, saying that they couldn't rap what was written, all colleagues that were present supported the idea that Easy needed to drop bars on this track that they had written.

After several attempts, Easy could only muster out a couple of bars. Due to his doubt in being legit he he seemed to be hesitant, but everyone kept pushing him to keep recording . Eventually Dre insisted that everyone leave the recording studio, and within a day, Easy had finally recorded his verses and established himself as a rapper. This very song was the beginning of N.W.A, and the very influence behind all gangster and west coast rap that is being put out today. Several artists would not be where they are, had this song not been made with Easy E rapping on the track.

So eventually, here we are in 2015. Dr. Dre has finally released more music, other Compton rappers like Kendrick Lamar have been chiming in and out to make a name for themselves and tell the story of their city, and a movie documentary addressing the rise and fall of N.W.A will be released in exactly a week from today . And that, kiddos, is why I found Boyz-n-tha-Hood by Easy E to be a fitting throwback song in this week's pick. Expect both an album review of Dr. Dre's Compton and A movie review for Straight Outta Compton respectively. As for the music, please read the disclaimer below, and enjoy your weekend.


This version of the song is uncensored and the language used in it can be found to be offensive. We here at lofty do not support gang activity in any way, shape, or form and we certainly do not condone anything that is mentioned in the song. We advise that you listen at your own discretion. If you find Boyz-n-tha-Hood offensive, simply close the window, or don't click the link at all. Whether you like it or not, this song paved the way for the progression of an entire sub-culture, and you cannot ignore the immensity of it's influence if you are to respect music as an artistic outlet. You have been warned.

Keep it lofty.