Not just a car, but a statement
— Aatish Patel

The Lamborghini Huracán F5 takes the Huracán to a new level. With the extensive use of carbon fiber, titanium, copper and clever engineering, the Huracán F5 delivers unparalleled performance and downright menacing looks. No other car will out-show the Huracán F5


Lofty Features

·      Ceramic Clear Coat

The specially engineered ceramic clear coat applied on the F5 provides the ultimate protection from scratches, chips, and other paint defects. It eliminates the need to apply wax, and also enhances that already luscious paint.

·      Sapphire Glass

Sapphire is the second hardest know substance in existence.  Which means it is super resilient to scratching and shattering. All of the exterior glass on F5 is sapphire glass. This includes theheadlights, taillights, IR-camera, and sensor covers.

·      Merino Leather and Alcantara Interior

The finest automotive leather, and ultra lightweight cloth is used in the entire interior of the F5. Available in a range of colors, patterns, and finishes.

·      3-Stage Valet Mode

Handing the keys to the valet is always scary. Which is why the F5 comes standard with a 3-Stage valet mode. First it limits the engines power output, and top speed. Second, the location is tracked via GPS, which can be viewed on your cell phone. And third, onboard cameras will record the interior and exterior of the car, with the film being saved into the vehicles onboard storage.

·      Fingerprint Ignition Module

The fingerprint is the most secure form of identification. The F5 comes standard with a fingerprint ignition module. State of the art biometric sensors are used for this module. So only you and your living finger will be able to start your F5. 

3 configurations. 3 emotions




The “Street” configuration

Vaansh Blue


 Sport titanium exhaust

Remapped ECU

Estoqué Grigio

The “Underground” configuration

Ice Blue

750hp Supercharged V10

Race Tuned Suspension

Upgraded Brakes

Sport Titanium Exhaust

 Remapped ECU

 Remapped Traction Management System

 K40 Radar Detector and Diffuser

 Kí Blue

Kí Blue

The “Lofty” configuration

Polter White

1100hp Supercharged V10 with Electronic Turbo

Gold-lined Engine Bay

Race Tuned Suspension

Upgraded Brakes

Remapped Traction Management System

K40 radar Detector and Diffuser

Race Tuned Transmission

Programmable Limiter

 Queen's Green

Queen's Green



This is a concept. There are no plans to go forward with production…yet. If you have any questions regarding the Huracán F5, or want to make a business inquiry, feel free to contact us at