The king is back
— Aatish Patel

The Mercedes SL has enough power and comfort to be the ultimate road cruiser. But what if cruising doesn’t tickle your fancy? What if instead of cruising, you want to rule the road? You want the power, the menacing looks, but still the comfort of a Benz. Introducing Stroker, the king of the road.





 ACE (Active Cruise ElectroSystem)

o   ACE takes Mercedes’ already brilliant Distronic+ and adds a little emotion. ACE eliminates the need to have hands on the wheel when activated as we feel the driver is more than capable of taking charge when needed. Steering, speed control, and evasive maneuvers will all be handled by ACE depending on the mood setting. The Zone setting will restrict ACE to drive like a normal SL, comfortable and laid back. The AGRO setting will increase throttle input and aggressiveness as well as enable overtaking.


o   ROAR is an in-house titanium exhaust system designed by Lofty Design. Basically, one can control the fury of the exhaust note by a simple change in throttle input. A calm, relaxed throttle input will keep the valves closed, producing a menacing hum. But stab the throttle a little faster and the valves will open fully, allowing the monster V8 to serenate the road with a song of grandeur.

RENNtech ECU Upgrade

o   The Stroke comes equipped with RENNtech’s bulletproof ECU. Power is increased to 670hp and a diabolical 735lb/ft of torque! And because RENNtech is awesome, the orginal Mercedes warranty stays intact!


o   Over(ide) allows skilled drivers to completely disable all electronic assistance. This will allow every ounce of performance to be exploited. (Not recommended for street use)

 Lofty Design Stoker Rims

o   Milled from a solid piece of aluminum/titanium alloy, the Stroker design is designed to provide unparalleled strength as well as unique aesthetics. Can be finished in any color upon request.

CarboCeramic Braking System

o   What is power with out control? North Korea…But seriously, 670hp is a lot of power for a car of this size. That is why the Stroker comes standard with a CarboCeramic braking system. This system provides the excellent braking from high speeds with reduced fading over time.

Tech Specs

Base Automobile: 2015 SL63 AMG

Power Plant: 5.5-Liter Twin-Turbo V8

Transmission: 7-Speed MCT

Power: 670 hp

Torque: 735 lb/ft

Weight: 3,800 lbs

Price: Scroll Down…



This is a concept. There are no plans to go forward with production…yet. If you have any questions regarding the Project Stroker, or want to make a business inquiry, feel free to contact us at