A good Instagram marketing strategy for your business and brands complements the marketing stratergy for your content to generate a strong impression. Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram introduces new functionalities and new features. Instagram introduced its new feature Instagram Reels; reels are nothing but short video clips similar to TikTok. Users will see your posts, highlights, profile descriptions, posts where other users have tagged you, the videos posted on IGTV(Instagram TV), and profile photo on your Instagram profile page. These are the important parts of your Instagram profile page.


Upload a min image size of 110 X 110 pixels for the picture to your profile. Your photo’s ideal size must be 180 x 180 if you want your profile photo to look great and sharp. Update your profile photo anytime by clicking on the “Edit Profile” option on your profile page. You will be able to change your private information, business information, and profile description, including a link and a bio, name, username, and profile photo.


Your description’s character limit is 150, and you can include a mix of emoji icons, or words, or hashtags. Adding emoticons will add a fun element to your business. On your profile, you can add a link. The link could be a link to your eCommerce store, video, your website, or a link to your blog post. With the help of Linktree, you can add more than one link in your bio. The three main parts you must include in your business information are contact options, category, and page.


You can connect your Instagram account page to your existing Facebook page. This will help you to create ad campaigns through Facebook accounts. You can also share your Instagram stories with your Facebook stories. 


The category is nothing but an industry of your brand or business. 


You can either add your telephone number or email or both. If you have a physical store, you can add the address. 

Adding the right hashtags will help new users discover your content. Instagram has one billion active users and 500M daily active users worldwide. Users can able to follow their favorite or interesting hashtags. This means you will show stories and posts with hashtags to these followers. You want to select a combination of the following hashtags:

  • 1,000 to 10K posts
  • 10K to 100K posts
  • between 100K to 500K posts
  • between 500K to 1 million posts
  • just over 1 million existing posts

Use a hashtag with more posts because there are high chances many users are using it regularly. 

The new Instagram feature lets you reshare your old story. Within the Instagram platform itself, there is the option of creating super zoom effects, face filters, and Boomerang stories. Within the superzoom feature, Instagram provides six different effects: Surprise, Bounce, Nope, Hearts, Fire, Beats, Dramatic, TV Programmes, and Paparazzi. These effects are used to illustrate the feeling through sounds and colors when a picture is zoomed in. Insta Stickers are one of the prominent features of Instagram stories. These stickers aid in interaction, boost audience engagement and content discovery.

If you are using a personal account, buy automatic Instagram likes to enhance your presence on the platform. Tagging your home location is a good idea. You can add up to 10 hashtags to your Instagram Stories. With the help of tag stickers, you can tag other people. Interaction stickers are the best sticker to share an upcoming event, a birthday giveaway, a special anniversary, or a product launch. You can also use a countdown sticker for time countdown.


Videos are run the world, and now Instagram is here for video. The most popular social media platform produces Gamber huge on videos by revealing Instagram TV/ IGTV.  IGTV is the latest channel for long-form video, attainable from a standalone app or Instagram. We will give you all the details you need about Instagram TV in this blog.    

While IG Stories is designed for unforced short-form video similar to Snapchat, Instagram TV is mainly focused on long-form video content, as you can discover on YouTube. IGTV platform provides businesses, brands, publishers, and creators the chance to share the video content up to ten minutes or up to an hour-long, but the one-hour-long time is provided only for the verified users. 

Through the IGTV icon at the upper side of the feed, through the particular profile, or through the section “Explore,” users can discover IGTV. Many users are also used to buy Instagram TV views to grow their accounts on IGTV. You will discover the experience of IGTV is intuitive overall once you are on Instagram TV. Based on the secret sauce of the algorithm of Instagram, popularity, and the people you follow, the IGTV application will curate a video collection for you.

The other video will play automatically once you finish watching one video, which can be pretty addictive. There is also a small search bar for you that lets you only search for the user’s profile. And just like Instagram’s regular posts, viewers can share Instagram TV videos through direct messages, can comment, and like.


Initially, only vertical videos were supported in Instagram TV, as Instagram TV was made for mobile viewing experience.  And then, Instagram has decided to alter the game plan after receiving the creator’s feedback, and now it supports both horizontal videos and vertical videos on IGTV. 

The videos which are uploaded to Instagram TV are well-edited and well planned usually, as opposed to the Instagram Story’s spontaneous nature.  To create an engaging video, many creators and influencers use their smartphone camera and a simple video editing application. 


While it took some time for influencers, publishers, and brands to adopt Instagram TV, slowly, it is becoming more popular for both creators and viewers.  When you are done right, an Instagram channel is the best way to build engagement and grow audiences. And most importantly, IGTV provides the series features. The series feature lets the creators share ongoing episodes of videos and viewers to subscribe to their favorite series. That is one of the best ways for brands and businesses to make a real value for their audiences. You can buy Instagram TV likes for your videos, whether it is vertical or horizontal. Valuable and entertaining content means the world in terms of loyalty and connection. Scheduling your posts in advance is the best method to ensure you consistently post content on social media. The IGTV video scheduling is done via the Creator Studio of Facebook. If you have a Creator profile or Instagram Business profile, you can easily create an account on Creator Studio if you do not have one.



The story’s content is fast-moving and visual, so it should both reflect your style and branding and appeal to your audiences. You will want to think about the following thing when craeting Instagram stories: filters, doodle or font color choice, and font choice. Think about which colors are associated chiefly with your business and brands, and consider using these colors as your background colors, text boxes, or fonts.

Agorapulse, whose brand is orange color also uses font styling and color in their stories. To stay on the brand with their color plan, they use classic type white color fonts with an orange color text box. They change the color of the sticker to orange color when they use stickers. You also want to consider the personality of your brand. If you are more feminine, then certain filters, fonts, and colors are suited better to that style.  Choose strong fonts or classic fonts if your brand is about power and strength. A vintage or classic brand or perhaps even literally might like the song type “typewriter.” 


Instagram stories are quite a significant planning and timing even though they are casual and fun content. The stories of Instagram are designed to be in the order of multi posts/ more than one post. While you post a single video or post to your Instagram stories, audiences are conditioned to view via multi posts. The ideal order length is 3 – 7. After 7 posts, most people lost their interests, to get more viewers to buy Instagram story views.  Based on which combination of video or photos you use 7 stories can be anywhere from the time thirty-five seconds to almost two minutes.

Businesses and brands want to do the content “push” to include a CTA that will generate sales, leads, or traffic.  You can give the below things for your target audiences:

  • Answers to the frequently and commonly asked questions in your business or industry.
  • Tutorials and tips that help your audiences and customers
  • Behind the scenes (BTS) of your brand and business
  • Personal type posts that are showing the human side of your business and brands
  • Entertainment such as funny videos or bloopers.
  • You might want the below content if you are going to share a series of an Instagram story about a live event you are attending;
  • A text post is wrapping up the takeaways keys.
  •  A selfie picture with one of the event speakers
  • A video that shows the chairman or CEO recognizing the event’s success.
  • A picture of the decor or table
  • A video of the gathering or pre-event networking
  • A photo of the front of the venue with all of the signage for the event.

You can ensure to grab videos and photos at the right and correct intervals by planning the above content in advance. And also, you can avoid being stuck behind your mobile the whole event attempting to document everything.

How To Boost Your Online Marketing With Instagram Reels

The whole world has enamored to use social media networks. Especially, Instagram users are increasing day by day because it provides the best features to engage more users on this platform. Newly, Instagram launched Reels which allows the users to create up to 15 seconds along with music, effects, GIFs, emojis and stickers. A lot of creators, marketers showcase their talent and brand with fun and entertainment. 

How To Create Instagram Reels?

Open the Instagram app. Give access to the camera to create Reels. You will notice the three dots and select the Reels option at the bottom. Whether you start recording yourself or you have the option to choose already recorded video in your phone’s gallery. 

On Reels, there are four options for editing your video at the left corner of the screen. Such as:

Music: Add popular music from your Instagram’s music library. 

Effects:  Add different AR filters to the video or change your appearance. 

Timer: You could use a timer option to set the length of the video before recording the video, and you don’t need to stop the video after your recording is finished, which is a hand-free feature. 

Speed: Control the video’s speed as you want, whether slow motion or fast forward using the speed tab.

Reels still have features to add over the video such as GIFs, stickers and emojis. You could want to draw something over the video using the pen tab.

Use these features and make a proper content plan to attract the audience to watch your Reel video. This video mostly gets high engagement and visibility. You know that people choose to watch the video based on more views because these videos give more credibility. If your content has very few views, you can buy Instagram Reels views so that more people start looking at your content, fostering more visibility and engagement.

After your editing process is finished, tap the next arrow tab to share your video either on the explore page or Reels section.

Why Should You Use Instagram Reels For Your Business?

Instagram is one of the popular social media networks, and it has Reels features insights. In short, if you are already using Instagram marketing strategy for your business, the Instagram Reels feature is worth adding to your business because it will help to skyrocket your business too.  

When you want to promote a new product or service, you can make a video funny and entertaining way to engage the wider audience on your Reels. It offers editing features to attract more audiences and build brand awareness for your business. 

Obviously, marketers have various motives than a normal person posting fun and entertaining videos. Make a good plan to create your brand content more interesting to watch videos and convert them to customers.

Wrapping up

Creating more Instagram Reels videos to uplift your profile as well as enhance your business. In the competitive marketing world, Reels offers a great opportunity to build your business to the next level. So, get ready to use the Instagram Reel marketing strategy for your business.

TikTok Marketing Strategy:4 Ways To Get Success On Your Business

Within two years, TikTok has turned out to be the world’s favorite social media platform.

Till now, TikTok has been downloaded by 2 billion. This video-sharing app attracts the people of Gen z and millennials. Sure, this will be good news for the marketers or business people to connect with two audience groups. It’s time to step into TikTok and create a unique place and authenticity for your business. TikTok is one of the great marketing tools, using this platform, you can easily promote your business. 

If you’re using TikTok for your business, then it will be a perfect choice.

In this article, you will visit some of the fruitful marketing strategies that need to be followed on TikTok.

Let’s get started,

Have A Crystal Clear Goal 

Once you decide to use TikTok for your business, you need to have a crystal clear goal that you want to achieve with this platform. You need to give specific intentions or purposes in your post. On top of that, your content must express your brand’s personality and its voice. First of all, understand your brand’s benefits. Relying on your brand, you can shape your content style. Next, set your business goals on TikTok and certain metrics to track your campaign. Moreover, you can also have ways to track conversion based on campaign success. 

Pay Attention To Hashtags Challenges 

It is the trending culture of TikTok. And, it will keep on growing and provide more amazing opportunities for brands. It helps to get the maximum number of engagements and give exposure to your videos. It will generate more fans for your account. Moreover, you can grow your account through TikTok fans.  Hashtag’s challenges can be two types: sponsored and organic. Sponsored hashtags challenge is created by brands or businesses to make people connect and interact with their product or services. Businesses can use either organic or sponsored advertising to get people familiar with their brands. 

Just remember, you need to have a specific plan or idea to implement it for both cases. Ensure your challenge is easy to do and encourage others to participate. It must be funny and connect or express your brands, use unique hashtags for your challenge.

Educate Your Audience: Share Tips & Hacks

Tutorial or sharing information is the effective TikTok marketing to promote your product or services. In this topic, you can easily create content related to your product or brand. 

For instance, if you are selling cosmetics products, you can teach your audience how to apply concealer. Or how to get a celebrity look. This kind of content gains more engagement and more reach. As a result, you will 

When you are in a service-based industry, you can create videos on providing tips and tricks relevant to your field. 

Using a tutorial form of content, you can effectively showcase bran’s value to your customers. Make sure your content is light. It must not seem like an advertisement, don’t be afraid to be funny.

Cross-Promote Your Videos 

Once you published your videos on the TikTok platform. Try to cross-promote it on other media. By doing this, you will gain more exposure to your videos. And bring more new audiences for your video. You can use platforms like YouTube, Instagram to promote your videos.

Final Thoughts

There is no secret that it will never stop its growth and development. Using an ever-growing platform, you can withstand your presence for a longer time. With the help of the right marketing strategies, you can easily enhance your business on TikTok. Just remember, stick with what works for your account. Don’t forget to analyze your results, be on the trend and engage with the audience. 

Instagram TV: 5 Crucial Tips To Use This Platform

IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, is a stand-alone app that is entangled on the Instagram app. It is designed exclusively to post both portrait and vertical videos as well. In contrast to Instagram, which allows only 60 seconds of videos, but IGTV, users can create a video for up to 1 hour. Demand for video content in this digital world is ever-growing. Almost all People love to watch videos on social media. After so many efforts, Instagram has come up with a new feature, especially to share video content. 

Everyone must try IGTV, either personally or professionally. It is a beneficial tool for marketers, content creators to enhance their business effectively.  

In this article, let’s spot some of the essential tips to use the IGTV channel.

Include Hashtags

Like all other social media apps, hashtags play a significant role in displaying your Instagram TV video in front of targeted audiences. Everyone’s videos will be found on the explore page with the help of hashtags. When you search relevant hashtags, that particular content will appear for your sight. Under your description part, you can add hashtags. Ensure your hashtags are relevant to your content. While selecting hashtags, keep in mind, it must be industry related, trending, most used by your audience. Mix all together, and add, you can include up to 30 hashtags. 

Don’t Forget To Share Your Videos On Feed/Stories.

It is essential to share your Instagram TV videos on both stories and in the feed part. By sharing it, will push your audience to engage with it and provide more exposure. On Instagram stories, share interesting clippings or sneak peek, you can create hype for your IGTV videos. It helps to bring more audience to your video, and thereby you can increase your engagement rate. Try to maximize your audience’s attention to get more reach. Moreover, you can buy Instagram TV views to get more exposure to your channel. You can also use Instagram live to promote your Instagram TV videos.

Promote On Multiple Platforms 

As with other content, you can also share your Instagram TV videos on other platforms. You can gain more exposure. It’s effortless to copy the link and embed it anywhere, for your blog, email, or other media.  

Did you know? You have the option to share your IGTV videos directly to Facebook. By doing this will acquire lots of exposure to your Instagram TV content.

Avoid Sounds In Your Video 

The research study shows that 69% of people watch videos without any sound in public places. Also, 25 % of people view videos without a sound, even in private places. It shows that a maximum of people prefer to watch videos without sound. It is better to avoid sounds or music for your IGTV videos. Instead, you must add subtitles and closed captions, which help to optimize for mute viewers. 

Make Use Of Insights 

You have to keep track of your IGTV insights to discover what content works for your account and what does not. Using insights, you can find many useful metrics that help to improve your content strategies. With the help of insights, you can get to know your comments, views, likes, and audience engagement. 

Wrapping Up

Each video must have impressive thumbnails and a title. Otherwise, no one will click your videos. You can use tools to customize your cover images. Your video must have a clear description of your Instagram TV videos. Make sure your title and description are related to your video content. Sure, this article will give you useful tips to use your IGTV channel.  

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Master Instagram Event Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Profile


When it comes to a group of competent participants, Instagram is everything that seems to be massive. As a fact, in 2019, the social media platform has predicted one billion global users every month. And with as many people regularly checking the website for motivation, not using Instagram for event promotions refers to leaving much more capable registration on the platform. 

The foundation of ideal event promotion on Instagram is to develop your audience: the more number of followers you would have more capable ticket-buyers you possess. To do this, create concerted efforts to provide your audience with top-quality, unique, and fascinating posts. Always make sure to post the content that inspires, educates, and amuses. 

As told, promoting an event on Instagram is not as simple as posting some photos randomly. By doing it takes the right methods, ability, and super creativity. Here, we have gathered the list of ideas that can support you to receive the most from your profile, paid ads, and posts. 

Instagramming Events:

Businesses make a considerable number of 500 million users engaged with stories on Instagram, and one-third of the most checked stories. That’s why 96% of U.S marketers plan on using them as part of their marketing methods. 

Top Tips for Making Use of Instagram Stories To Grow Your Event:

  1. Make use of Instagram stories to recap every day for your event. 
  2. Don’t forget to add a swipe up CTA that motivates the attendees to register or take other actions. 
  3. Make use of your stories to enhance new content on your blog or other channels.
  4. Be assured to blend it up with both photo and video.
  5. Make sure to make a story for every big announcement, both pre and post-event.

2. Start With Savvy Hashtags

The simplest method to expand your reach on Instagram marketing is to make use of hashtags to your benefit. Users explore by hashtags to find their particular niche matter, and when you use these competitive hashtags, your Instagram posts give up the result for that search. You probably need to use the perfect combination of the following hashtags to improve Instagram marketing reach that helps to gain brand awareness. 

  1. Branded hashtags: These hashtags you make that are particular to your event.
  2. Industry hashtags: These hashtags are used mainly over the industry or client-type that your event works.
  3. Niche Hashtags: Mostly used by the aiming audience, where they use regularly and display that you are in tune with the method they speak.
  4. Content hashtags: Hashtags that connect directly to what you are talking about in your posts. 

Tricks to Choose Effective Hashtags:

  1. Always make use of the power of suggestions.
  2. Target on the relationships
  3. Build a moment of description.
  4. Create a group or community.
  5. Maintain it short, simple, and memorable.

3. Work On Behind the Scenes Events:

Ensure that your Instagram event promotion should not only simply retell your story but also include some story features. It’s the primary key role to make content that both attendees and capable future attendees replicate. It’s also a field where you can make use of your Instagram stories to your advantage. 

  1. Top tips for making behind the scenes for Instagram content:
  2. Display your event team to refine your event.
  3. Enhance interviews with star celebrity speakers.
  4. Highlight the facts that the audience might not know about the event.

4. Begin UGC:

Today, studies reveal that UGC’s user-generated content has got 4.5% of high conversion rate of Instagram reach. Additionally, what could be better than having other people who post engaging content on your stand? And for these events, brands with their engaged audience, beginning with the UGC, could be as easy as running a competition with a reward for posting the best photos or even making the perfect hashtags. Anyhow, people are checking for any excuse to share the best experiences in their lives. That means that your task is to make that experience and then provide the audience with a simple method to share them. 


The launch of the  Instagram Reels gives you a new way to entertain your audiences and a great way to delight your audiences. And with TikTok’s large popularity, particularly by the crowd of Gen Z, there is no big surprise to watching something pop likes upon the Explore page on Instagram. These short-form video clips are popular crazily, buy Instagram Reels views and make viral your Reels . You can also get started with the  Reels on Instagram by using your TikTok’s existing video. Even you can use the TikTok videos that you have posted on the platform. Find out the creator centric Instagram feature benefits and use the different tutorials for Instagram and make your first Reel video in minutes.  


The Bestway for sharing the videos and the newest way for engaging the videos on Instagram is known as Instagram Reels. Click simply on the camera of the Instagram button, and then select the “Reels” option and record your 15-second video and edit your 15-second video. This Instagram Reels feature was rolled out firstly in Brazil in Nov 2019 and then followed by the debuts in India, Germany, and France. Instagram turned this feature on August 5, 2020, for the users in the United States. During the edit of your Instagram Reels, you can insert stickers and insert text, and you can adjust the speed of each reels clips, and you can add filters to your Instagram reels by using the AR effects gallery, and you can add the original music and original audio from the music library of Instagram, and you can combine more than one videos or multiple videos to make a single Reel video. 


According to the Sensor Tower report in the 2019 line, the TikTok app had 614 M downloads, whereas 376.2 m downloads were generated by Instagram. The basic features and editing tools resemble Tiktok, although the fanbase of TikTok and audiences of Instagram are different. Both Instagram channel and Tiktok channel allow you to start recording at your pace of the video and stop recording at your pace of the video. But the only biggest difference between TikTok and Instagram is you can upload 15 seconds video only, but in TikTok, you can upload 60 seconds video.  Instagram tends the people to feel more polished and more curated, whereas TikTok ends the real videos and real people. You will find editing tools on Instagram very easy to use if you are an Instagram user already. The video editing functions will make confusing at first if you are a new user at TikTok. If you use the engagement of Instagram for growth, then you must do a marketing tactic on Instagram Rels. Ut will increase your post’s visibility.


TikTok has been for the world teens, and it has differently taken the different meanings completely. Try to ask one of the people of GenZ, and they just tell you that the platform is a new subculture completely. The social media platform TikTok is growing fastly in the world, which presents the version alternatively of the sharing online. It let the users create short-form videos with filters, music, and some other various features. It is sometimes cringing, it is funny sometimes, but it is addictive definitely. This is the platform that seems like the app Vine.  TikTok is a great social platform for users and creators to express themselves in a very great and creative way. Fame on TikTok with TikTok likes for your videos.


TikTok is an Android media app and iOS media app that can be used by the people for short videos sharing and creating short-form videos. In 2016, September, it was launched initially as the name of Douyin, in the country China. In 2017, the following year, the app was launched for markets that are outside of China by ByteDance. Douyin and TikTok both are having to use the same software, but maintain networks as separately in order to comply with the censorship restrictions of China. In all around the world, TikTok is available via the Play stores and app stores. The ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, purchased the app, in the late of 2017. After the merging of two apps, TikTok had access smoothly to targeting the teenagers of US markets, which belongs previously to the app The main mission of the TikTok is to capture the creativity of the world and present the creativity of the world, precious moments of the life, knowledge, that are directly from your Android or Apple mobile phone. TikTok allows every people to be a creative creator and also encourages the creators to share their creative expressions and to share their passion through their video content. TikTok is competing with social media platform giants like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube that have either Facebook backing or Google backing. World widely TikTok has more than 800 M active users, in September 2016 TikTok was launched. That makes the platform as ninth in terms of the social media networks, ahead of the sites which are known better such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin.


Similar to Twitter and Facebook, everyone who creates an account on Instagram will have a news feed and a profile. When you post a video or photo on Instagram, that will display on your account profile. Other users on Instagram who follow you can see your latest posts in their feeds. You can see other posts likewise users you follow on Instagram.  A simplified version of Facebook with emphasis on visual sharing and mobile use. You interact with other Instagram uses like other social media networks by private messaging, tagging them, liking their posts, following them, and following them. You can save the photos on Instagram that you like and that you see.  Instagram is available on android devices such as Samsung, tablets, and phones from Google, iPad, iPhone, and all iOS devices for free. It is also can be accessed on a computer in the web form. However, video uploading and photos uploading and sharing of the existing content on Instagram with other users is possible only with the mobile application form.


Instagram asks you to create an account that is free before you can use the Instagram app.  with the help of your existing email or a Facebook account, you can sign up. All you need is a password and username. You can change your email address on Instagram anytime. You may be asked whether if you want to follow your Facebook network friends are on in your Instagram. You can skip this process and later come back and do it or do it the right way. It is the best idea to customize your profile by adding a website link if you have the one, adding a bio, adding a photo, and adding your name. People will want to know what you are about and who you look for people to follow and look for people on Instagram to follow you back. Instagram’s main intention is to find the best videos and find the best photos and share the best photos and share the best videos. Every Instagram user prefers to buy Instagram reach for their brand growth. You have to get approved from the user if a user set their profile to private. Anyone can view and find your profile if you created a profile and set it to the public along with your videos and photos. You can set your Instagram profile to private if you want only the approved followers to see your videos and photos. It is very easy and very fun to interact with Instagram. For like any post, just double-tap on it, or you can also add a comment to their posts .for sharing the posts with someone, click the arrow button. If you want to add more friends or find more friends or find some interesting account use the search tab to search. By using specific hashtags also you can find some interesting profiles and posts. Instagram stories are available 24 hours after they are pumped added to their profile.