Videos are run the world, and now Instagram is here for video. The most popular social media platform produces Gamber huge on videos by revealing Instagram TV/ IGTV.  IGTV is the latest channel for long-form video, attainable from a standalone app or Instagram. We will give you all the details you need about Instagram TV in this blog.    

While IG Stories is designed for unforced short-form video similar to Snapchat, Instagram TV is mainly focused on long-form video content, as you can discover on YouTube. IGTV platform provides businesses, brands, publishers, and creators the chance to share the video content up to ten minutes or up to an hour-long, but the one-hour-long time is provided only for the verified users. 

Through the IGTV icon at the upper side of the feed, through the particular profile, or through the section “Explore,” users can discover IGTV. Many users are also used to buy Instagram TV views to grow their accounts on IGTV. You will discover the experience of IGTV is intuitive overall once you are on Instagram TV. Based on the secret sauce of the algorithm of Instagram, popularity, and the people you follow, the IGTV application will curate a video collection for you.

The other video will play automatically once you finish watching one video, which can be pretty addictive. There is also a small search bar for you that lets you only search for the user’s profile. And just like Instagram’s regular posts, viewers can share Instagram TV videos through direct messages, can comment, and like.


Initially, only vertical videos were supported in Instagram TV, as Instagram TV was made for mobile viewing experience.  And then, Instagram has decided to alter the game plan after receiving the creator’s feedback, and now it supports both horizontal videos and vertical videos on IGTV. 

The videos which are uploaded to Instagram TV are well-edited and well planned usually, as opposed to the Instagram Story’s spontaneous nature.  To create an engaging video, many creators and influencers use their smartphone camera and a simple video editing application. 


While it took some time for influencers, publishers, and brands to adopt Instagram TV, slowly, it is becoming more popular for both creators and viewers.  When you are done right, an Instagram channel is the best way to build engagement and grow audiences. And most importantly, IGTV provides the series features. The series feature lets the creators share ongoing episodes of videos and viewers to subscribe to their favorite series. That is one of the best ways for brands and businesses to make a real value for their audiences. You can buy Instagram TV likes for your videos, whether it is vertical or horizontal. Valuable and entertaining content means the world in terms of loyalty and connection. Scheduling your posts in advance is the best method to ensure you consistently post content on social media. The IGTV video scheduling is done via the Creator Studio of Facebook. If you have a Creator profile or Instagram Business profile, you can easily create an account on Creator Studio if you do not have one.