A good Instagram marketing strategy for your business and brands complements the marketing stratergy for your content to generate a strong impression. Instagram was launched in 2010. Instagram introduces new functionalities and new features. Instagram introduced its new feature Instagram Reels; reels are nothing but short video clips similar to TikTok. Users will see your posts, highlights, profile descriptions, posts where other users have tagged you, the videos posted on IGTV(Instagram TV), and profile photo on your Instagram profile page. These are the important parts of your Instagram profile page.


Upload a min image size of 110 X 110 pixels for the picture to your profile. Your photo’s ideal size must be 180 x 180 if you want your profile photo to look great and sharp. Update your profile photo anytime by clicking on the “Edit Profile” option on your profile page. You will be able to change your private information, business information, and profile description, including a link and a bio, name, username, and profile photo.


Your description’s character limit is 150, and you can include a mix of emoji icons, or words, or hashtags. Adding emoticons will add a fun element to your business. On your profile, you can add a link. The link could be a link to your eCommerce store, video, your website, or a link to your blog post. With the help of Linktree, you can add more than one link in your bio. The three main parts you must include in your business information are contact options, category, and page.


You can connect your Instagram account page to your existing Facebook page. This will help you to create ad campaigns through Facebook accounts. You can also share your Instagram stories with your Facebook stories. 


The category is nothing but an industry of your brand or business. 


You can either add your telephone number or email or both. If you have a physical store, you can add the address. 

Adding the right hashtags will help new users discover your content. Instagram has one billion active users and 500M daily active users worldwide. Users can able to follow their favorite or interesting hashtags. This means you will show stories and posts with hashtags to these followers. You want to select a combination of the following hashtags:

  • 1,000 to 10K posts
  • 10K to 100K posts
  • between 100K to 500K posts
  • between 500K to 1 million posts
  • just over 1 million existing posts

Use a hashtag with more posts because there are high chances many users are using it regularly. 

The new Instagram feature lets you reshare your old story. Within the Instagram platform itself, there is the option of creating super zoom effects, face filters, and Boomerang stories. Within the superzoom feature, Instagram provides six different effects: Surprise, Bounce, Nope, Hearts, Fire, Beats, Dramatic, TV Programmes, and Paparazzi. These effects are used to illustrate the feeling through sounds and colors when a picture is zoomed in. Insta Stickers are one of the prominent features of Instagram stories. These stickers aid in interaction, boost audience engagement and content discovery.

If you are using a personal account, buy automatic Instagram likes to enhance your presence on the platform. Tagging your home location is a good idea. You can add up to 10 hashtags to your Instagram Stories. With the help of tag stickers, you can tag other people. Interaction stickers are the best sticker to share an upcoming event, a birthday giveaway, a special anniversary, or a product launch. You can also use a countdown sticker for time countdown.