Master Instagram Event Marketing Ideas That Boost Your Profile


When it comes to a group of competent participants, Instagram is everything that seems to be massive. As a fact, in 2019, the social media platform has predicted one billion global users every month. And with as many people regularly checking the website for motivation, not using Instagram for event promotions refers to leaving much more capable registration on the platform. 

The foundation of ideal event promotion on Instagram is to develop your audience: the more number of followers you would have more capable ticket-buyers you possess. To do this, create concerted efforts to provide your audience with top-quality, unique, and fascinating posts. Always make sure to post the content that inspires, educates, and amuses. 

As told, promoting an event on Instagram is not as simple as posting some photos randomly. By doing it takes the right methods, ability, and super creativity. Here, we have gathered the list of ideas that can support you to receive the most from your profile, paid ads, and posts. 

Instagramming Events:

Businesses make a considerable number of 500 million users engaged with stories on Instagram, and one-third of the most checked stories. That’s why 96% of U.S marketers plan on using them as part of their marketing methods. 

Top Tips for Making Use of Instagram Stories To Grow Your Event:

  1. Make use of Instagram stories to recap every day for your event. 
  2. Don’t forget to add a swipe up CTA that motivates the attendees to register or take other actions. 
  3. Make use of your stories to enhance new content on your blog or other channels.
  4. Be assured to blend it up with both photo and video.
  5. Make sure to make a story for every big announcement, both pre and post-event.

2. Start With Savvy Hashtags

The simplest method to expand your reach on Instagram marketing is to make use of hashtags to your benefit. Users explore by hashtags to find their particular niche matter, and when you use these competitive hashtags, your Instagram posts give up the result for that search. You probably need to use the perfect combination of the following hashtags to improve Instagram marketing reach that helps to gain brand awareness. 

  1. Branded hashtags: These hashtags you make that are particular to your event.
  2. Industry hashtags: These hashtags are used mainly over the industry or client-type that your event works.
  3. Niche Hashtags: Mostly used by the aiming audience, where they use regularly and display that you are in tune with the method they speak.
  4. Content hashtags: Hashtags that connect directly to what you are talking about in your posts. 

Tricks to Choose Effective Hashtags:

  1. Always make use of the power of suggestions.
  2. Target on the relationships
  3. Build a moment of description.
  4. Create a group or community.
  5. Maintain it short, simple, and memorable.

3. Work On Behind the Scenes Events:

Ensure that your Instagram event promotion should not only simply retell your story but also include some story features. It’s the primary key role to make content that both attendees and capable future attendees replicate. It’s also a field where you can make use of your Instagram stories to your advantage. 

  1. Top tips for making behind the scenes for Instagram content:
  2. Display your event team to refine your event.
  3. Enhance interviews with star celebrity speakers.
  4. Highlight the facts that the audience might not know about the event.

4. Begin UGC:

Today, studies reveal that UGC’s user-generated content has got 4.5% of high conversion rate of Instagram reach. Additionally, what could be better than having other people who post engaging content on your stand? And for these events, brands with their engaged audience, beginning with the UGC, could be as easy as running a competition with a reward for posting the best photos or even making the perfect hashtags. Anyhow, people are checking for any excuse to share the best experiences in their lives. That means that your task is to make that experience and then provide the audience with a simple method to share them.