Instagram TV: 5 Crucial Tips To Use This Platform

IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, is a stand-alone app that is entangled on the Instagram app. It is designed exclusively to post both portrait and vertical videos as well. In contrast to Instagram, which allows only 60 seconds of videos, but IGTV, users can create a video for up to 1 hour. Demand for video content in this digital world is ever-growing. Almost all People love to watch videos on social media. After so many efforts, Instagram has come up with a new feature, especially to share video content. 

Everyone must try IGTV, either personally or professionally. It is a beneficial tool for marketers, content creators to enhance their business effectively.  

In this article, let’s spot some of the essential tips to use the IGTV channel.

Include Hashtags

Like all other social media apps, hashtags play a significant role in displaying your Instagram TV video in front of targeted audiences. Everyone’s videos will be found on the explore page with the help of hashtags. When you search relevant hashtags, that particular content will appear for your sight. Under your description part, you can add hashtags. Ensure your hashtags are relevant to your content. While selecting hashtags, keep in mind, it must be industry related, trending, most used by your audience. Mix all together, and add, you can include up to 30 hashtags. 

Don’t Forget To Share Your Videos On Feed/Stories.

It is essential to share your Instagram TV videos on both stories and in the feed part. By sharing it, will push your audience to engage with it and provide more exposure. On Instagram stories, share interesting clippings or sneak peek, you can create hype for your IGTV videos. It helps to bring more audience to your video, and thereby you can increase your engagement rate. Try to maximize your audience’s attention to get more reach. Moreover, you can buy Instagram TV views to get more exposure to your channel. You can also use Instagram live to promote your Instagram TV videos.

Promote On Multiple Platforms 

As with other content, you can also share your Instagram TV videos on other platforms. You can gain more exposure. It’s effortless to copy the link and embed it anywhere, for your blog, email, or other media.  

Did you know? You have the option to share your IGTV videos directly to Facebook. By doing this will acquire lots of exposure to your Instagram TV content.

Avoid Sounds In Your Video 

The research study shows that 69% of people watch videos without any sound in public places. Also, 25 % of people view videos without a sound, even in private places. It shows that a maximum of people prefer to watch videos without sound. It is better to avoid sounds or music for your IGTV videos. Instead, you must add subtitles and closed captions, which help to optimize for mute viewers. 

Make Use Of Insights 

You have to keep track of your IGTV insights to discover what content works for your account and what does not. Using insights, you can find many useful metrics that help to improve your content strategies. With the help of insights, you can get to know your comments, views, likes, and audience engagement. 

Wrapping Up

Each video must have impressive thumbnails and a title. Otherwise, no one will click your videos. You can use tools to customize your cover images. Your video must have a clear description of your Instagram TV videos. Make sure your title and description are related to your video content. Sure, this article will give you useful tips to use your IGTV channel.  

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.